Management Forum for Innovative Public Service

The Management Forum for Innovative Public Service is a association of senior public servants. The association was set on 25 May 1999 up on the premises of the Austrian Centre for Productivity and Economic Efficiency (Österreichisches Produktivitäts- und Wirtschaftlichkeitsforum, ÖPWZ) upon the initiative of Director-General Emmerich Bachmayer of the Federal Chancllery.


The association targets to bring forward innovations in Public Administration, to deepen the awareness of all senior public servants for outcome orientation and assist in solutions for actual problems and challenges of public administration. The main ambition is the ongoing development in Public Adminstration.


The association seeks to achieve its objectives primarily through constant contacts with politicians responsible for administrative development as well as managers and executives of the Austrian business community. In line with the best-practices concept, the senior public servants who are members of the association will heighten their awareness of the need for and feasibility of innovations in public administration by studying innovative public service institutions at home and abroad and by analysing successful private-sector enterprises.

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